The Yuge app

Geolocate yourself
anywhere on the property and easily navigate using the interactive map.
View domain information in real time, to find out the influence on the ski lifts, the opening of the slopes and the timetables. Looking for a restaurant or a point of sale? Find businesses and activities around you.
Recover your best memories photos and videos taken at one of the photo spots available on the ski area.
Anticipate your mountain outings thanks to the weather on D+3. View the domain from home using the webcams.
Discover the entertainment program at the ski resort. Access the schedules of the shuttle and funicular to facilitate your transportation in the resort.
Capture your descent! It's now possible with the activity tracking feature. Yuge records your route, providing you with distance, elevation, the sectors you visited... Explore the area while taking on challenges! From conquering a new peak to discovering an unusual place, you unlock badges and track your progress.
Purchase your passes and activities in just a few clicks.
Get informed on everything there is to experience on the estate and in the resort thanks to notifications.

YUGE a mountain
custom made

The Paradiski Yuge application allows you to discover the ski area and make your vacation easier on skis and in the resort. YUGE supports you from preparing your stay to going down the slopes, by offering a whole range of practical and fun features.

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