THE Giants by Malgovert

NOV 14 2023

Beyond the pioneering spirit that characterizes the village of Arc 1600, this part of the mountain domain remains relatively unspoiled and even confidential. According to some, it is in these forests that you can find "the most beautiful skiing in Les Arcs." So, this winter, a new feature emerges from the ground, rising among the trees of the Malgovert forest, halfway along the Mont Blanc trail.

A playground like no other.

Welcome to a mountain domain where learning and play converge in the heart of nature! In recent years, an educational dimension has been systematically integrated into the creation of our new spaces, and this brand-new playground nestled in the forest is no exception. Its forest environment offers a unique opportunity to raise awareness among both young and old about the wonders of the mountain.

How do high altitude forests work? What are the particularities of this mountain ecosystem? What role do different animal species play? This experience will allow you to explore in depth these forests essential to the preservation of our natural environment.

Starting from December 2023, Les Géants de Malgovert will be accessible to skiers via the Mont Blanc chairlift, as well as to ski touring enthusiasts by following routes from Arc 1600. So, get ready for an educational and playful adventure in the heart of nature!

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