5 good reasons to associate your plan with YUGE

YUGE is your partner in the Paradiski area! It tracks your movements on the slopes, challenges you, and helps you find the best activities to do during your stay... Ensuring you make the most of your time at Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry, or La Plagne.

Today, we're giving you 5 good reasons to link your pass with the app.

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1# TRACKING: You're the king of the slopes, and you want to track your progress on the app!

By linking your pass, the app will automatically detect the chairlifts and cable cars you use. With this, you're sure not to miss anything from your day and have precise activity tracking. Claim the top spot in the rankings!

2# BADGES: You have only one goal, achieve the perfect score and collect all YUGE badges!

After completing your Pokemon collection, you set out to achieve a grand slam and unlock the 48 app badges. To meet your challenge, you'll need to link your pass to YUGE. Some badges are earned when you take one or more lifts. To assign these badges, the app retrieves the pass usage information.

3# PHOTOS: Holidays are sacred, and you want to capture as many memories as possible?

Paradiski has set up photo and video spots in key areas of the domain, and by linking your pass, you can retrieve your photos directly in the YUGE app.

4# VIDEOS: To enrich your gallery even more, you can also create souvenir videos of your vacation!

Since last year, you can create souvenir videos of your vacation with the photos in your gallery! There's nothing better to relive all the magical moments shared with family or friends...

5# PASS RELOAD: Your stay is over, and you want to ski one more day?

Thanks to YUGE, you can now reload your pass directly on your mobile. No need to wait in line! The only condition is to have a ski pass and link your pass in the app.

The method to link your pass:


To link your pass, it's simple:

1 -> Go to the YUGE app in the Pass section.

2 -> Choose the association method that suits you best:

  • Scan the QR code on your pass
  • Or use the NFC function of your phone
  • Or enter your pass number

And that's it!

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