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  • COMMITMENT 1 : Reorganising and training our teams

Safety for all, above all else.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, our teams have reorganized themselves in order to welcome you in the best conditions.

Each employee has been trained in health risks and barrier gestures to minimize the risks, for them, for their colleagues and of course for you!




  • COMMITMENT 2 : Making your holiday easyAlways there by your side!

On site, we are adapting all of our points of sale to welcome you in the best possible conditions. Card payments preferred.

In order to offer you the greatest possible flexibility for the organisation of your stay, we offer you the possibility to modify or cancel your order online at no cost up to 48 hours before your first day of skiing.
On site, our staff will welcome you wearing a facemask if you are nearby, but always with a smile!
Online sales sites are accessible. Don’t hesitate to book your tickets online.





Various measures to ensure a clean and safe environment for all are being implemented, in accordance with the instructions issued by the health authorities for this winter season. To ensure this commitment, we have put in place various measures in accordance with the instructions issued by the health authorities and in particular:

Distancing instructions and dedicated signage are in place

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensing points are at your disposal

Wearing the mask in the queues and in all lifts is mandatory

cleaning of our installations is carried out every day.




  • COMMITMENT 4 : To protect ourselves while protecting our extraordinary environment

In the mountains, everyone picks up their own litter. Zero litter in nature!!

For sanitary reasons, but also for civic reasons, each person provides a bag to bring back his or her used mask(s). It’s simple and efficient!

Do you know it? A mask takes at least 450 years to degrade. Let’s not let masks destroy our nature.





What is staying the same?
❄Our desire to welcome you
❄All the great experiences to share
❄The unique thrill of the mountains
❄The beauty of our landscapes
❄A desire to protect our environment