Yuge X Howtank - Paradiski
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Yuge, more than just an app: it’s a community


Howtank is joining Yuge this winter!


Howtank is a platform dedicated to sharing experiences for brands, clients and users around the values of pleasure, sincerity and mutual help. It will be integrated directly into your Yuge app from 22 December.


Discover all its functions!


Why Howtank?


  • So that every Yuger can share their experiences with other users of the app;
  • To make your knowledge of the ski area available to other users;
  • To discuss subjects while sharing your common affinities;
  • To meet new people in a recreational space to share moments of relaxation and leisure;
  • To provide an instant ear and clarification for your questions;
  • And for the pleasure of helping others …


The functions in detail


A chat widget is available on the app’s pages. It will enable you to enter into discussion with other connected users. In this way, you will be able to enter chat rooms which will let you converse and share with other members of the community. All you have to do is put your questions to members on line on the app and our Yuge ambassadors will take care of answering you. Lastly, a vote module will enable you to choose the most relevant conversations to share them on a public page or on your own site.


Do you fancy becoming and ambassador?


Are you very knowledgeable about the area? Are you an experienced Yuger? Would you like to be of service and share your experiences? Well, become an ambassador on the Paradiski Yuge app without delay! You will then be able to reply to the questions asked by our users and help the whole community. As a result, you will be able to help and share to ensure that all users enjoy an optimal experience.

To become an ambassador, nothing could be simpler! You just need to click on this link and follow the instructions.

Remember to update the app! And if you haven’t downloaded it yet, don’t wait any longer! The Yuge community is waiting for you!