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Compagnie des Alpes Group (version of 14/03/2022)


We’re ready to welcome you in compliance with the applicable health regulations.


I wear an approved mask or neck warmer

  • Approved masks (surgical or class 1 medical) or neck warmers must be worn from the age of 6 in the following places:
    • On board closed lifts : the cable cars, the Aiguille Rouge cable car, the Vanoise Express and the Funicular.
    • And in the shuttles.

 Did you know?  Face masks don’t need to be worn on the slopes, so you can make the most of fresh air !


  • For health reasons but also responsible citizenry, everyone has to carry a bag for collecting their

used mask(s). It’s simple and efficient! Bins are also available for your use near the ski lifts.

Did you know? A mask takes at least 450 years to biodegrade. Don’t let your masks destroy the natural environment.


I respect social distancing rules

  • I leave a 1-meter gap between myself and those around me:
    • When queueing, both inside and outside,
    • In all places where members of the public gather together (sales outlets, viewpoints…),
    • By respecting floor markings, signage…

Try to buy or recharge your skipasses online or by using the skipass terminals available for this purpose.


I sanitise my hands when I take my gloves off

  • Hand sanitiser is available for your use in the following places:
  • Enclosed ski lift buildings,
  • First aid posts,
  • Sales outlets, welcome areas and services,
  • Public toilets (if you are not able to wash your hands).





We are putting arrangements in place to ensure the best welcome

  • Our teams are still smiling as they welcome you!
  • All of our employees are trained in health and safety risks and protective measures.
  • Our sales outlets and welcome areas have adapted to the current health restrictions (social distancing instructions and signage on site).
  • A large number of skipass sales and recharge terminals have been installed.


We are updating our operating conditions

  • Contact surfaces will be regulary cleaned in all ski lifts and cable cars and windows will be left open wherever possible.
  • Ski lift access queues will be organised to enable social distancing.
  • Our ski lift hourly flow will be increased to reduce
  • No restrictions to numbers of skiers on the slope.


We are changing our sales terms and conditions

  • Our cancellation and refund terms and conditions will adapt in line with health and safety
  • We offer the purchase of your ski passes for winter 2022 on the site or The ski passes can be collected on site at the resort or, even easier, sent to your home free of charge.
  • Note that the cancellation of orders is completely free up to 48 hours before the start of validity of the skipasses, without Your organization is easy and flexible.
  • On site, we adapt our points of sale to welcome you in the best Prefer payment by credit card. Our staff will welcome you with a mask, but always with a smile!



What is staying the same?
❄Our desire to welcome you
❄All the great experiences to share
❄The unique thrill of the mountains
❄The beauty of our landscapes
❄A desire to protect our environment