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Making White Gold….


When do we resort to artificial snow? How is it made? In what perspective?

In general, we ask a lot of questions about making artificial snow. In this article, we reply to all your questions.


Firstly, you should know that only 30% of the area is covered by artificial snow, or 323 hectares out of 1066. So, there is no cause for concern, most of the time you are skiing on natural snow!



A few figures …



In la Plagne, for example, there are 2 reservoirs used to produce snow with a total water capacity of 773,000 m³(the Adret des Tuffes Reservoir 406,000 m3 / Plan Vert basin 6,000 m3 / additional capacity 361,000 m3). 

In comparison, this represents 0.33% of the dam in Tignes with its 230, 000,000 m³ of water.


Volume of production

510,000 m³ of water is required to make artificial snow for one season in la Plagne. That is the volume of 138 Olympic swimming pools.



1 m³ of water produces 2 m³ of snow


Recipe to be followed

Processus formation neige de culture EN


Ingredients: water, air and favourable conditions




This must be under pressure, cold (between 0.5° and 3°C) and filtered.



The air must be under pressure using the same system as an 8-bar car compressor.


Favourable conditions

Two conditions are essential to make artificial snow: the temperature and the level of humidity in the air.

We can produce rtificial snow from humid -3°C.




Generally, we resort to this production in the pre-season with a view to preparing a good base able to hold freshly fallen snow. It obviously allows us to guarantee consistent and sufficient snow coverage throughout the season for our snow-riding fans.


A manufacturing process which respects the environment

Many people think that producing artificial snow is polluting and yet it absolutely is not. Furthermore, no product is added to the water.